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Freestyle Training

Improve your Freestyle technique in 12 weeks

Have you ever wanted to learn freestyle or do you already know how to swim it but want to improve? Then join our freestyle training starting in January 2019.

For Who?

If you want to learn a new swim-style or already have experience with swimming freestyle. Want to participate in a triathlon and  swim more efficient? Then you are very welcome to join us.

After registering you will receive a form in which we ask you several questions about your swim-abilities. With help of the results we will divide you in the group best suited for you. This way you can work on your freestyle according to your own level.

Entry Level
You are not afraid with your head below the water
You can swim breaststroke

What are we going to do during the workouts?

The focus of the workout will be on several basic skills such as body-position, breathing and building endurance. Besides the basic skills there is also room to discuss your personal goals so you can work on them with the support of the trainers.

When and where?

From Friday the 11th of January until Friday the 29th of March 2019
17:30 pm until 18:15 pm
Swimming pool ’t Anker in Buchten
Cost: € 90,00 euro for 12 workouts, including of entrance and use of training tools
Groups of maximum 8 participants per trainer

What do you need?

(optionally) a bathing cap
Swimsuit/ Swim trousers
Bottle of Water

During the training we will work with the training tools as shown below. You can borrow them during training at the swimming-pool.

If you want to buy the tools please visit our partner: Rob’s Sportshop. It is also recommended to buy zoomers because they make a great contribution to your training. We do not have them at the swimming-pool but you can  buy them at Rob’s Sportshop. You can also visit them to buy swim-goggles and swimsuits.

How to register or get more info?

You can register by sending an email, before the 20th of December, to: lilianmarxneptunus@home.nl 

You can also email the above email address for more information.